Hotspot phenomenon on solar panels

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Hotspot is one of the phenomena that has been appearing more and more with solar battery systems, and we can see that there have been quite a few people asking on forums and groups about Solar Energy at Vietnam recently, especially projects that have been installed for 1-2 years. In reality, it may have happened from the beginning with insignificant effects and then gradually developed and caused many consequences that reduced the output of the entire system. Some opinions say that Hotspot is a disadvantage that only occurs on regular solar modules – or in other words, on cheap solar panels. So is it really correct and enough? Let’s explore more information in this article! A variety of causes can facilitate Hospot effects to occur on solar panels. However, don’t worry too much because there are many things that system owners can prevent right before they happen. First thing’s first, let’s learn a little about the causes!

Causes of Hotspots on Solar Panels

  • Error from inside the battery:

Internal defects in solar cell modules are often the result of mishandling during manufacturing, transportation or installation. These errors can cause small cracks and form Hotspots over time. The main cause can be due to lack of cell material, contamination, high vascular resistance, cell fracture, poor solder joint or local demarcation, etc.

  • Cell Mismatch

This phenomenon occurs when battery cells with different current characteristics are connected in series. Essentially, cells with higher current will try to push more power than other cells with limited capacity down the current. This phenomenon can be minimized through solar panels that bypass diodes. Therefore, ensuring the battery cells have equivalent current is essential to avoid solar panel hot spots.

  • The battery panel is dirty

Dirty battery panels are the phenomenon of foreign objects located directly on the surface of the battery panels, blocking the cells from direct light rays. This problem is usually easily solved to prevent small cracks in the battery rack with regular maintenance. The maintenance schedule will be comprehensively evaluated by the installation unit based on surrounding environmental conditions to make the most appropriate recommendation for each system.

  • Environment

Environmental impacts can be reduced through the system design process. Usually, the most common environmental factor that causes hotspots is shadows, which affect the circuit chains. Therefore, before installation, you should ask the installation unit to evaluate the location in detail to determine the impact of objects such as trees, walls, electric poles, etc. covering your solar panel system. Friend. In addition, choosing poor equipment and not passing enough panel quality testing standards in harsh environmental conditions also causes hotspots on the panels. Therefore, we recommend that you research your surroundings before choosing the right module. For example, if assessing where your installation location is susceptible to strong winds and hail, the panels selected should be those that have undergone IEC 61215 testing, or if your installation location is near livestock areas with If the ammonia concentration is high, the selected panels must be panels that have undergone IEC 62716 testing, etc.

Hotspot Effects on Solar Panels

As you can see, the typical effects of Hotspot on solar panels will develop from minor to severe in just a few stages.

  • High resistance

In reality, the hotspot phenomenon is a visual effect caused by high resistance in the circuit or battery cell. The resistance in a battery circuit can essentially be described as sections of a highway during rush hour. Less resistance ensures the electrons move faster, perform better, and produce more energy

  • Break the protective layer

The protective glass cracked into many pieces is actually the result of the hotspot phenomenon, and you can clearly observe this on the glass surface of the panel. Once the protective layer is cracked and broken, the system will likely stop working as moisture begins to invade and affect the electrical circuit base.

  • Ground leakage incident

In most cases, the hotspot phenomenon itself does not create a ground leakage fault (one of the serious system faults), but is caused by moisture encroaching and affecting the solar panel’s electrical circuit. sky after the glass layer is damaged.

  • Fire

There are many causes of  fires in solar battery systems , and it is impossible not to consider the cause coming from a small hotspot on the battery array combined with other impacts from the environment, causing the system to fire phenomenon.

Prevent Hotspot Effect On Solar Panels

It’s really simple because consumers always have the highest power, which is the “right to choose”, and understand that you can prevent hotspots on solar panels through 2 levels of choice: (1) Choice Choose battery brands from  Tier-1 manufacturers (2) Choose professional solar power installation units Note that choosing  professional solar power installation units  with good technical qualifications can can assist in selecting, designing and ensuring your solar system operates better.

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