What is SCADA? Why should you install SCADA system?

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The need to use solar power systems is becoming more and more popular today. Along with that is the increase in demand for installing SCADA systems for monitoring and management. And optimize the operation of those solar power equipment. 

To meet user needs, there are many units that install SCADA monitoring systems. However, you should consider researching carefully and choosing a reputable unit. To ensure the rights of your unit or family in gaining economic benefits from the solar power system. In the article below, we will provide you with the most reputable and guaranteed SCADA system installation address today!

What is SCADA system?

SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It is a management system capable of automating industrial processes. The main function of SCADA is to monitor, control, and collect operating data of solar energy equipment systems. 

Because it performs information management, monitoring and control tasks at the same time. Therefore, this system needs to meet the ability to connect to many devices at the same time. To ensure data collection and overall assessment. From there, we can intervene through the ability to control solar power equipment to operate.

With smart structure, applying modern advanced technology. SCADA system operates on an internet connection platform to collect data, analyze, monitor, and control. 

In fact, SCADA has formed and developed in conjunction with the telecommunications and information technology industries… When the global trend turns to automation, industrial machinery replaces manual production. Sophisticated control and monitoring systems have also been born since then. SCADA system is one of them.

Why is it necessary to install a SCADA system?

It is no coincidence that this system is so popular. Outstanding benefits when using a specific SCADA monitoring system include:

  • Helps users and investors evaluate in an overview, accurate and comprehensive manner. About the performance of solar power equipment systems. Thanks to that, we can quickly detect problems or make adjustments and improvements. Helps save major repair costs as well as costs for human resources to manage project machinery.
  • The SCADA system is a device responsible for closely monitoring problems occurring with solar power equipment. Minimize risks and dangers arising from electrical leakage.
  • SCADA is also a tool to detect machine failure conditions. Thanks to that, users can promptly provide warranty and repair. It is both safe and avoids a lot of costs if the damage persists.
  • The SCADA system operates and undertakes a variety of functions, bringing many benefits to users.

    The leading reputable SCADA system installer today?

    We are proud to be a unit specializing in providing reputable, quality SCADA systems that make up the brand. With a team of well-trained technicians, along with enthusiastic support 24/7. We have built trust with the majority of users today.

    Besides providing SCADA solutions, with guaranteed quality and standard installation processes. You will no longer have to worry about problems with your solar power equipment system. At the same time, we can save a huge amount of budget every year. We also provide the SOLAREYE product set . Solareye products are solutions that optimize performance for solar power systems. In addition, we also organize the purchase and sale of I-REC certificates –  clean energy certificates. For more information please see: here

    Just contact us, our consulting team will suggest products with the most appropriate promotions. We are proud to be the leading provider of SCADA system installation services in the market today. 

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